[In Eng.] Leila Bekhti, from Chanson douce to J’irai où tu iras, a Fre(n)sh Touch in Comedy Movies.

The French actress is under the spotlights, between the recent releases of J’irai où tu iras, a very personal comedy dealing with cancer, and Chanson Douce, a marvelous drama comedy where her duo with Karin Viard offers the spectator an sweet moment.

When she earned her first Cesar award, for most promising actress, in 2011, it had been no surprise. Her performance in Tout ce qui brille, with Geraldine Nakache, was no less than a pure masterclass. From this point, an obsessive friendship began between the two women. A friendship that will lead to Nakache’s latest production, J’irai où tu iras (still in theaters), a wonderful and personal comedy relating the story of two sisters that life completely opposes. The result is a hilarious and very effective movie, within everyone is able to see themselves. Leila Bekhti tried, during the movie’s French premiere to explain what made these two become that close:

« We directly saw ourselves in each other. Different with so many things in common, especially the background. In our families, humour and jokes were like a medicine. I never had to explain anything to her… And she also didn’t have to… She knew. It is “chemical » between us.” Leila Bekhti for Paris-Match 

Savouring her last role’s great success, Leila Behkti waits serenely for the release of Chanson Douce. The French premiere happened last night as part of the International Film Festival of La Roche-sur-Yon. A huge challenge, as the book already sold 900.000 copies. Spoiler alert: a challenge she successfully went through.

Nicolas Vrignaud.