[In Eng.] Happy Endings Enemy ? Have a Look at my Saddest Movies Top 5 on the International Film Festival !

You’re bored to guess every happy ending?

You wanna cry your eyes out?

I understand.

I guess I’m not the only person who prefers worrying and harrowing dramas over kitchen sink comedies, where we already know that the “uggliest” girl or boy of the school is going to date the hottest one (Netflix is the best for these naive romances, just saying…).

And don’t think I’m the sadistic or strange girl who loves watching dramatic stories instead of positive and happy ones. That’s wrong, I like to watch happy endings too! But I just want to say that I could write my own movie script thanks to all of these similar happy endings. True?

So for those who are fed up with these gummy bears comedies, full of unicorns, rainbows and so on: here’s my moving dramas top 5 of the International Film Festival!

Number 5: Chanson douce, Lucie Borleteau

for its freaky nanny and scenario which could pass off as a horror story

Number 4: Supa modo, Likarion Wainaina

for the moving story of a young sick Kenyan child

Number 3: Clemency, Chinonye Chukwu

for the topical issue of death penalty in the USA

Number 2: Reconstructing Utoya, Carl Javér

for the realistic hard story of the 2011 Norwegian terrorist attacks

And to finish….

Number 1: American Woman ! , Jake Scott

for the complicated life of an American woman devastated by her daughter’s loss. Poignant from the beginning till the end, it’s definitely the most upsetting film of the festival.

Of course, this top 5 doesn’t give the saddest movies of the entire festival program because I couldn’t see them all. And for the ones who never cry enough, here are 5 bonus dramas even more intense (WARNING! These are high-level sad movies!)

  • LION, an Indian lost child story
  • LIGHT OF MY LIFE, presented this week in the FIF
  • AU NOM DE LA TERRE, the frightening situation of a French farmer
  • NOUS FINIRONS ENSEMBLE, a simple-friend story with ups and downs
  • SAUVER OU PÉRIR, the physical and psychological recovery of a burnt fireman victim.

Get your tissues out, you can cry peacefully !

Gaelle Herbreteau.