This is it! Monday 12 October, the International Film Festival of La Roche-sur-Yon is officially launched. You’ve been waiting for it? Did you think that Covid-19 would have floored it?  Not at all, the film festival comes stronger than ever, in this incredible and resilient city. Backstage, all the little hands are busy to make it shine: staff, volunteers and communication students, they all chip in to make it a great film festival, just for you!

It’s a momentous stage for students, their participation in the film festival represents a cinephile experience, along with a hands-on professional experience. Don’t get too close to the premises of their school, if you don’t want to be deafened by the buzzing commotion. Since 8.30 a.m students have been eager, focused and above all, bubbling with ideas! We have gleaned secrets from a few of them.

They are all enthusiastic on day 1. “I was scared that the festival might not be maintained because of the sanitary circumstances”, confesses Evie. She was on tenterhooks because, according to her, this is the best way to acquire audiovisual skills. Lola agrees, she chose the workshop to improve her writing. She is a bit lost in this brand new organisation. Admittedly, students have to put on a new suit, but they are already an undeniable keystone to the festival crew. Contrary to what we might think, the pressure they feel comes mostly from themselves. “I fear to not have enough content produced”, declares Angèle. Nevertheless, Mirlinda adds that all teachers guide and advise them. Last week, students had a meeting in order to create the workshop. Best conditions for the best work, that’s the motto!

It is incredible to see how positive and committed the students are. They expect some events more than others. A vast majority of them are impatient to finally meet the special guest, Eric Judor. Groupies? Can you hear me?  It would be a shame to pass this one up, after all it’s not every day that you meet a famous celebrity. These exceptional encounters are also a reason why students are so invested in the festival. “It’s good vibes only!” says Evie, and that’s true. Group cohesion, good mood, and coffee make for a delightful workplace and a relaxing atmosphere! Ok, everybody, that’s a wrap!

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