[In Eng.] 5 Things to Know about Chanson douce, the Fake Sweet Comedy of a “Psycho Nanny »

Chanson douce is the new drama starring Karin Viard and Leïla Bekhti in a terrifying thriller of the modern age. Myriam and Paul, two overworked lawyers and songwriter parents of Mila and Adam, are looking for a nanny to allow Myriam to work again. After meeting Louise, a widow nanny in her forties who loves taking care of children, the couple feels finally better and relieved. Getting more and more involved in the Parisian family, Louise is making the young parents sceptical and concerned about her behavior, but will that be enough ?

To discover it, run to your nearest cinema theater on November 27th, 2019.

Thursday 17th was the premiere of Chanson douce in the International Film Festival of La Roche-sur-Yon. For this occasion, director Lucie Borleteau and main actor Karin Viard presented their movie for the first time to the French public. The screening was followed by an exchange between the thrilled public and the two guests, for around 30 minutes.

For the very curious readers, here are 5 facts about Chanson Douce, revealed by Lucie Borleteau and Karin Viard during the exchange.

1. Chanson douce is adapted from the book of the same name, written by Leïla Slimani and released in 2016.
2. First read by Karin Viard, the book gave the actor the original idea of the film that was approved by the director.
3. Adam, the baby boy of the movie is actually the director’s baby.
4. Mila, the little girl of Myriam and Paul in the movie, doesn’t know about the film ending. (director’s choice)
5. Karin Viard is a psycho nanny for real: she actually enjoyed playing the crazy suspect nanny who has more fun than children at their party.

Gaelle Herbreteau