A thrilling international criminal case, from Abidjan to the Vosges. Dominik Moll offers us a real reflection on love, money, and the impossible relationship between those two.

A woman disappears. The day after a snowstorm in the Vosges, her car is found near a road leading to the highest part of the mountains, where only a few farmers are able to live. While the police doesn’t have any clue, five people know they are linked with the case. Everyone has their secret, but nobody believes that the story began thousands of kilometers away, under the heatwave of west Africa; a place where poverty can make unbelievable things happen.

Dominik Moll’s latest production is a marvelous intrigue. Well, we should better call this a puzzle. The spectator gets, as the movie goes deeper and deeper into secret, the missing parts and is able to piece the story together. The French producer is also giving his opinion on the love and money relationship. A teen from Abidjan trying to reconquer his old-time love, a farmer in France trapped into a textual and passionate relationship; the first one using the money and the love of the other to satisfy each other’s passions.

A “coincidence” later, the story gets tragic and the magic is already in play. The impossible happens and everyone is trapped, even the spectator, as the links between each person are slowly revealed. Finally, Only the stupid is a movie where the consequences of forbidden loves are pushed to their extreme point. A way to show that nothing is more powerful than love.

Nicolas Vrignaud

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