[In Eng.] Abominable: The Best of Animated Films

To honor the upcoming release of the new film of the animation studios Dreamworks, Abominable, I had to remind the public of the amazing cartoons that the animated films studios had released over the past few years. You may not like all of them but you have to admit that they are part of the popular film culture. 

Here are the films that deserve their rank in the Top 20 of the best animated films:

n°20: The Simpsons Movie
Homer and his family are delighted to be in the top 20. WOO HOO!
n°19: Happy Feet
Mumble the penguin, rejected by his peers, but still willing to tap-dance!
n°18: Shrek
The grumpy ogre and his friend Donkey are planning to take over the world!
n°17: Ice Age
Manny, Sid and Diego, cold as Ice, still have a lot of upcoming adventures. And it will drive you nuts!
n°16: Madagascar
The zoo animals might have lost their way but they have clawed their way to rank 16.
n°15: Spirited Away
Japanese animated films are much loved and deserve to be acknowledged.
n°14: Toy Story
Andy and his toys’ adventures have seduced the whole world. To infinity and beyond… rank 14!
n°13: My Neighbor Totoro
Totoro has known such a success that he became Studio Ghibli’s mascot. Kawaii!
n°12: Ratatouille
Ratatouille might rat on this top 20, but he still deserves to be in it!
n°11: Up
The Grandpa has ballooned his way up to rank 11.
n°10: Monsters, Inc.
Boo makes friend with monster Sullivan who has scared the other children. Boo hoo!
N°9: Kirikou
Kirikou is not big but he is brave, Kirikou is tiny but he is my friend!
n°8: Finding Nemo
When Nemo got lost, Marlin went fishing for him but felt like a fish out of water with the exuberant Dory.
n°7: The Incredibles
The family is still saving the world in their last film released in 2018.
n°6: Dumbo
Lend an ear to the trumpet celebration Dumbo is playing for rank 6.
n°5: Brother Bear
Can KenaI bear live with his brother in the middle of Inuit tribes?
n°4: The Jungle Book
Baloo only needs the bare necessities to survive the law of this top 20 jungle.
n°3: Bambi
The little fawn is deerly loved by its public.
n°2: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton’s Halloween film will leave you chilled to the bone!
n°1: The Lion King
No surprise, Disney’s masterpiece tops the ranking. Simba won everyone’s (lion) heart. Hakuna Matata!

Amélie Jacquet

The new DreamWorks Animation film, Abominable, is at the Grand R Thursday at 9 PM.