[In eng.] Did You Know? 6 Facts About Today’s Movie Screenings

The following anecdotes are the fruit of a long digging into movie reviews and interviews. They are all concerning today’s movie screenings.

1-Did you know that in the movie Play, all the video footage supposed to be filmed by a camcorder that Max had for its 13th birthday and used to create a movie 20 years later have been entirely created by the filmmaker? Which was really hard for him because he had to make sloppy scenes on purpose.

2-Did you know that in the documentary Reconstructing Utøya, real victims of the terrorist attack that happened on July, 22 in Utøya, are in it? The concept of the documentary is that four survivors of this traumatic event re-live that fateful day with their memories, as if the movie became their therapy.

3-Did you know that filmmaker Lee Cronin had the idea of the plot of The Hole in The Ground, when he read an article about a man who died when a hole opened in his living room? And did you know that in one scene of the movie we can see the same wallpaper as that in the movie The Shining, which, according to the filmmaker, was not planned in the first place?

4-Did you know that for the movie Easy Rider, the production team bought one kilo of marijuana and that the actors really consumed drugs in some scenes?

5-Did you know that for the movie Volontaire, Diane Rouxel who plays Laure Baer, a young woman who joins up the army, had to do a training program for months with a real soldier before filming?

6-Did you know that the movie Judy and Punch is inspired by Punch and Judy’s story, which is a traditional British puppet show?

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 Élise Gilbert