[In Eng.] Water Lilies (« Naissance des pieuvres »)

I wasn’t happy about the end of the movie so I decided to change the end and write my own interpretation. It’s a fanfiction of Floriane and Marie. And to know how it really ends, Water Lilies is this Tuesday in the cinema theater Le Concorde at 2.15pm.

Just after the passionate kiss between Marie and Floriane, they both took their breath again while looking at each other. Mary wanted to kiss her again, but was stopped short as Floriane let out.

« See, it wasn’t that hard. »

They looked at each other again before Floriane reached for the door. As soon as her hand was on the door knob, Marie kindly askedher to stay for a few more minutes. The experienced swimmer asked her why.

« I know you enjoyed that kiss with me. »
« I never said I didn’t. »
« Then why are you running to catch up to this guy who doesn’t give a shit about you? »
« I have no choice, Marie. »
« Of course you have the choice, we always have the choice. »
« Marie, you can’t understand. »
« Explain then. »

Floriane removed her hand and walked over to Mary who was sitting on the bench. The beautiful blonde then looked into the eyes of the girl she had kissed a few minutes earlier.

« You know, my parents are very conservative. They dream for me of a life where I am married to a man with whom I have children and a dog. » She giggles. « Besides, you know it gets scary when you know your parents have already planned your whole marriage. I think they even have a notebook for that. So that’s why I can’t love you. Think of my parents’ opinion, of their pride. »
« You gotta confront your parents. You gotta confront who you are. »

Floriane looked down and put her face in her hands, thinking about what she could do, what could happen. She felt lost, because of Marie’s words that resonated in her. The little brunette then put her hand on Floriane’s knee, while embracing her with her other arm to comfort her, to make her realize that she was there for her. Marie offered to flee with her. Floriane, surprised, looked up to immerse herself in Marie’s deep and sincere gaze and made a decision that would change her life forever. She took her sweetheart’s hand and they started running, crossing the countless rooms and doors of the swimming pool. They continued to run hand in hand, smiling, happy and carefree about the life they were destined to live.

Hu Sarah

student in information communication, books trade.