The charming Adèle Haenel has just brought to life her new film « Portrait of a Lady on Fire » in which she plays a woman who falls in love with a painter, who is supposed to do her portrait for her wedding. The film reveals a game of seduction between these two young women. She also played a role in « Water Lilies » (« Naissance des pieuvres ») in 2007, a film that is presented this year at La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival. For the occasion, the actress will be meeting the public on Tuesday, October 15 at 4:15 pm in the auditorium of Le Cyel. This meeting will be translated into French sign language, one more reason to be there.

Although « Water Lilies » isn’t Adèle Haenel’s first film, it’s her first film with director Celine Sciamma, with whom she had a relationship. This film follows three 15-year-old girls in Paris who are searching for themselves to learn the true meaning of excitement and the power of sexual attraction. A film based on the sensuality and delicacy of its three strong-minded female characters. The actress was nominated for the 2008 Cesar award for most promising actress for the movie « Water Lilies ».

Partly thanks to this film, the blonde actress came to accept her sexuality even if she doesn’t like labels and would rather keep her private life to herself as she confessed a few weeks ago: « I don’t reveal anything about myself. No one will ever know who I am, and for me, this decision is an act of resistance ». She came out in 2013 at the Cesars, saying, »« I wanted to thank Celine… Because I love her. » A statement that went a little unnoticed: « I did things on my own scale. The funny thing is that after the Cesar ceremony, it’s as if no one had heard. I said to myself, ‘Good, I don’t want to talk about it’.”1 Indeed, Adèle doesn’t want to be the torchbearer for the LGBT+ community. She prefers the public to focus on her career and not on who she is.

So if you want to discover a little more about this incredible actress, Adèle Haenel, meet her this Tuesday at 4:15 pm in the auditorium of the Cyel.

 Sarah Hu
student in information communication, books trade.

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