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[Matrix Reloaded (with Lambert Wilson) was at the Concorde, yesterday at 8:15 PM]

In my world, everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies! But in other worlds, it seems that there are some cool movies. When I talk with the extra-terrestrial next door, he often says some bizarre stuff.
The other time, he told me to choose between a blue pill and a red pill. But we were talking about pasta and pizza, and I didn’t understand why the pizza was a blue pill and pasta the red one. It was… confusing. Why was he talking about pills? Were they a metaphor for something bigger? But then, what was the connection with the food? It was so strange…
And it wasn’t the first nor the last time he said something weird. Oh, and another time, when we were at a laser game, he suddenly yelled: “Follow the white rabbit!”. Pal, we’re in a building, there’s no animal in here! Let alone a rabbit!
So, yes, I didn’t get that one either. So the other day, I tried to look on the Internet what the heck he was talking about, and I found… nothing. No one was talking about green numbers, or leather clothing, and nobody knew anything about the matrix. And what is a matrix, anyway? I thought maybe my connection was weak, so I went to check out my other extra-terrestrial neighbor, but she was equally puzzled.
She didn’t even know my weird neighbor! So I chose to make them meet, but I was incapable to find the door. It was like it never existed. That was so weird. But I am a relentless pony, so I didn’t quit and chose to keep digging. I went to other worlds, and asked everyone about the matrix, as it seems to be the most crucial thing.
Turns out I finally found a small clue two days ago, on my computer: he sent me a message, telling me to find Zion. So I did some research (again) and hit a snag! Seemingly, Zion is another world, with odd people in it.
So yesterday, I went to Zion – and yes, weird name, weird world, weird people. At least, they knew what I was talking about. They gave me a floppy disk and told me to go home to look at it. So I went back to my world, cuddled my ponies, and put the floppy in my computer. It needed a few minutes to upload, but when it did, I suddenly got a message from my neighbor. He told me to be careful when I watch the movies, and then, to find the man of the prophecy.
Duh. Guess I badly want to watch Matrix, now.

Mathilde Rozec