Mandibules (2020)


Cast: David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig


Director: Quentin Dupieux


Synopsis: Manu and his best friend Jean-Gab are two penniless simpletons. But their lives will change when they find a giant fly in the trunk of a stolen car. They will then have a bright idea: to train it to strike it rich.




After the conspicuous Au poste! (2018) and Le daim (2019), Quentin Dupieux is back with Mandibules, which will be released in cinemas on 18 November 2020.


Quentin Dupieux brings together an important cast: the hilarious Palmashow comedy duo, the fabulous Adele Exarchopoulos or the rapper Romeo Elvis (who takes his first steps in cinema). These talented actors put on an excellent performance in Mandibules, carrying the movie and making the story almost realistic. The pastel colorimetry of the images plunges us into an endless summer atmosphere, contrasting furiously with the horrible giant fly and the fabulously strange music signed by the British electronic and alternative music group Metronomy.


Quentin Dupieux’s filmmaking works wonders (as usual) with its deliciously absurd humour, which translates into incredible adventures, incongruous situations and psychedelic dialogues. As the story progresses, it dives into the abyss of the unexpected, never stopping to surprise us and make us laugh. The film is leavened by unforgettable images such as a giant fly quenching its thirst in a swimming pool or Grégoire Ludig aka Manu towing a car with a unicorn bicycle.


So if you feel like laughing in these times of curfew and want to learn how to train a giant fly (it can always be useful), go see Mandibules!


As Manu and Jean-Gab would say, « Bull too funny!”


Alice Goument-Thibaut

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