The Origin of the World (2020)

Cast: Karin Viard, Laurent Lafitte, Vincent Macaigne

Director: Laurent Lafitte

Synopsis: Jean-Louis realizes his heart stopped beating. Yet, he speaks, moves, breathes. Is he alive? Is he dead? Neither his vet friend Michel nor his wife Valérie find an answer to his predicament. Whereas Jean-Louis freaks out, Valérie calls on Margaux, her life coach guru who is connected to occult forces. She will make Jean-Louis confront the biggest taboo of his life…

Length: 1h38


The moment of truth has come! It’s one of the most expected French movies of this fall, and we were lucky enough to get to sneak into yesterday evening’s premiere of The Origin of the World by Laurent Lafitte! Laurent Lafitte who joins the club of actors getting their way behind the cameras – like See You Up There’s Albert Dupontel  with what is his very first full-length feature film! And it’s an understatement to say that Lafitte doesn’t shy away from embracing absurdity and exposing the very hot potatoes of our stuck-up society.

But as the credits roll by, still cramped up in our seat, we think: WOW, what a stroke of genius! There’s so much to say about this comedy which is absolutely worth the journey. From a very clean-cut and mischievous editing to the sharpness of the Michel Audiard-esque dialogues, The Origin of the World is one true breath of fresh air in the panorama of French comedies. Zany but carried all the way by the wonderful trio of Lafitte, Viard and Macaigne, we can only ask ourselves how far the story will go?

We can also highlight the breadth of the soundtrack, those piano keys easing their way back through the movie like a chorus. Laughs are definitely included, eye rolls too but in the best way because Lafitte’s movie doesn’t stop short of being a simple entertainment: it questions several aspects like sexuality, depression or family relationships, but always with the most tactful way.

What is certain is that Lafitte’s future as a director is coming along nicely with this larger-than-life comedy that must absolutely be seen! So if you want to know more about The Origin of the World, you will have to wait a bit longer till November 4 to enjoy this gem!


Mélodie THOMAS