Planète Felix, film in concert (2020)

Cast: Felix the Cat and his big family

Musicians: Suzy LeVoid and Leah Gracie

Director: Hélène Fourrage

Synopsis: Don’t look for it, just open your ears wide and let yourself be carried away by the sound and the picture…

Length: 50 minutes


Thanks to this film in concert, the two musicians bring some fresh air to the short-movies of Felix the Cat by means of some charming musical touches. Sweetness, originality, curiosity, let me explain why it’s worth going out of your comfort zone to discover something original!

The stories of the short-movies are very simplistic: Felix against a witch, Felix can’t sleep, Felix on Mars etc. But the plot isn’t really what matters here. The musicians play with the picture and transform this silent cartoon into a real piece of art.

The black and white cartoon of the 30’s transports us in a special atmosphere. The two musicians, onstage, mix instruments and daily objects (broom, cake pan, boards) in order to confer sound to the image. The former (the cartoon) and the new (the music) complement each other. LeVoid and Gracie bring life to Felix the Cat with sound and music. It’s a real encounter with the character and his environment.

I’m not going to lie, a large majority of spectators was children. But that’s why you should be curious, open-minded and go see this film in concert! It’s very difficult to describe the feeling during the performance. The best solution is to go see it and make your own opinion.

Hannah Lemarignier