[In Eng.] My Movie-going Marathon Day

As a brilliant and curious communication student of La Roche-sur-Yon, our first mission in this International Film Festival is to discover as many movies as we can. Trust me, I perfectly understood that mission that I have accomplished, with pleasure.

During this exceptional week, I spent one harder day than the other ones.

Well, it wasn’t the hardest day of my entire life, sure, but it was an intensive unusual day that I will remember when I’m older and blind (and maybe deaf, who knows?).

Well, this day was Thursday 17th, when I watched 5 movies on the same day, with 4 in a row, of course.

I really enjoyed this day so I wanted to share you 3 veeeerrrry relevant facts during this incredible trip inside the festival.


During this day, I’ve been lucky to travel in the wonderful city of La Roche-sur-Yon, that you should, by now, obviously know. Between le Manège, le Concorde, le Cyel and my flat, I could have made an excellent city greeter.

For real, I took a fictional trip around the world thanks to the five different nationalities of the movies I saw.


With two North American movies and three European ones, I could hear Quebecer, Norwegian, Spanish, English and French on the same day. How incredible is that? More efficient than Babbel, isn’t it?


This day was divided into different female characters, of various ages and personalities. I began the day with unsecure and bullied teens (Juliette, Jeune Juliette and Frida, Psychobitch), and continued with an independent thirty-year-old woman (Eva, The August Virgin). Then I discovered a strong grieving mother (Debra, American Woman) and finished with a disturbing “psychonanny” (Louise, Chanson douce).

And to finish, here’s a summary of my day, in numbers.

Today was…

549 minutes of movie watched (or 9.15 hours)

23 positions changes (in the tiniest ever leg room)

16 minutes napping (yes but movies after lunch it’s complicated, don’t judge me)

12 minutes running (between Concorde and Manège, twice)

and.. 2 very favourite movies: American Woman and Chanson Douce rank now first in my movie ranking.

Gaelle Herbreteau