Clever, frightening and violent. And at the same time not so scary. The Hole in the Ground, directed in 2019 by Irish director Lee Cronin, is more than just a horror movie.

The film opens with the gloomy face of Sarah into whose life the Irish director invites us to plunge. She decides to flee from home with her son Christopher as her husband is beating her. They then move into a new house in the middle of nowhere near a forest in which Sarah tells Christopher not to go by himself. Yet, one night, Christopher is missing. Terrified to lose her son, Sarah goes into the forest looking for him. And when she finally finds him, breathless and hopeless, she knows something’s wrong. Something’s changed.

The spectator is immediately propelled into this dreadful atmosphere where tension is taking over. A strange old lady appearing on the road, a huge and old house with nothing but nature around, Christopher acting strange… Details after details, little anxiety can be felt into the movie theatre. Even silence is more silent than usual.

Actress Seána Kerslake puts in an astonishing performance. It makes us wonder if Sarah’s reality is really what’s happening. The spectator can’t help wondering: is this real or is it only happening in her head? What’s real and what’s not? If you get to know the answer to this question, do not hesitate to share it!

For his first feature film, Lee Cronin delivers a spectacular show of horror and fear. A rising-star in the (Irish) movie industry… who knows?

Do not miss the opportunity to watch it on Thursday (Concorde), Friday (Cyel) and Saturday (Manège) in La Roche-sur-Yon!

Moral of the story: don’t forget to listen to your mom when she tells you to not do something!

Chloé Dazard

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