[In Eng.] Oh She’s Sweet but She’s a Psychobitch (« Psychobitch »)

Frida is the class outcast, and it’s her choice. And the other teenagers at school seem to agree on that: she is totally different. Marius is in the same class as Frida and does everything he can to succeed in life. When the two have to work together for school, Marius wants to show everyone once again why he is the greatest of all time. But Frida, independent as she is, doesn’t want his help at all. Watch the two fight and try to make their relationship work in this drama film by Norwegian director Martin Lund

Working with someone you don’t appreciate is a thing we all have experienced in our lives. But it doesn’t mean it’s always a bad experience, you can learn a lot from that. It takes two to tango! So I asked people to tell me about the time they had to work with people they couldn’t stand :

-I had to work with someone who gets on my nerves and it wasn’t the best experience. I was very mean, but I fought tooth and nail to get good grades. I buttered him up and put my ego aside, but it was difficult. I prefer to work with my friends, even if sometimes we are more talkative than effective.
-I had to work with a person who was never there and never did her homework. When she didn’t return her part of the job, I got hot under the collar and told her off and the whole class heard. I pushed her over the edge to get her to work and finally, we got a good grade. I think sometimes confronting them is the best way to get them to do the work.
-Everyday I have to work with classmates I don’t like and it’s a pain in the a*s. And we couldn’t stand each other, so we didn’t work at all and ended up getting bad grades. But usually when I have to work with people I don’t like, I don’t talk with them, I don’t work and I stay on my phone.

How to handle working with someone who pisses you off?
Working with a person you don’t like is challenging, even more when they are thick as a brick! You can tell yourself it’s only for a short amount of time, it’s not going to last forever! Or you can try to improve things between you two by trying to work out your problems with each other (though it might end up in murder if the things go too far).

Amélie Jacquet