Known in the entire world, actor Jean Dujardin has proved his worth since the beginning of his career in 1999 (with the TV show “Un gars, une fille”).

Let’s take a look at three most famous performances from the Frenchman !

1 – Brice de Nice
This french movie revealed him to the general public in 2005. Directed by James Huth, Jean Dujardin appears on screen as a quirky character he had created himself before his first role in cinema. This comedy attracted more than four million people in France when it came out. This character with his blond wig, his surfboard and his yellow t-shirt made for a funny and unforgettable film.

2 – The Artist
The Artist is a black and white silent movie released in 2011. It tells the story of an American actor who refuses to live the Talkies revolution. It was a real success worldwide, the film received many accolades (7 awards at the British Academy Film Awards, 3 awards at the Golden Globe Awards, 5 awards at the Academy Awards) and helped Jean Dujardin climbing the ladder of success: he is the first French actor to win an Oscar. His performance in this movie was outstanding.

3 – The Wolf of Wall Street
An american movie directed by Martin Scorsese in 2013 and inspired by a real story, The Wolf of Wall Street takes you to the ‘80s between ambition and power. Dujardin plays a Swiss corrupted banker. He is not the main character of this movie (Jordan Belfort), but this movie was known worldwide as Belfort was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jean Dujardin’s new movie, An Officer and a Spy (J’accuse in French), directed by Roman Polanski in 2019 tells us about the Dreyfus affair at the end of the 19th century. Dujardin plays Georges Picquart, the colonel who fought to free Dreyfus from prison because he knew he was innocent. Between anti-Semitism, request for justice and a lot of hatred, An Officer and a Spy will take you into a divided France that was debating a man’s life. The film had its premiere on 30 August 2019 at the 76th Venice International Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize. To put it in a nutshell, it’s a historical film you must see!

Little reminder: La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival is currently playing in town and Jean Dujardin’s new film is waiting for you ! You’ll get two occasions to watch it during the week because An Officer and a Spy (J’accuse) is screened this Friday and also on Sunday for the closing ceremony of the festival. You must hurry to get your cinema ticket !

And if you missed the opportunity to discover the Dreyfus story onscreen during the festival, the official release date is on November 13th of 2019.

Chloé Dazard

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