Dear readers,

My name is Juliette. I’m a fourteen-year-old day-dreaming red-haired girl. And in few weeks I will (finally) be over with high school. Oh! and by the way I live in Canada (I don’t know, maybe a French person may read this and would like to know).

My life (so is every teenager’s life I guess) is complicated. I don’t really know why but I can’t stand anyone lately. No one seems to really understand me (maybe you will?). Even my best (and only) friend Léane (if we don’t consider Arnaud, a 12-year-old kid with an Asperger syndrome that I have to look after, as a friend).

At school, people are mocking me about my, as they say, “overweight issue”, but strangely I don’t really mind. I mean, I don’t see the problem, I’ve always been like that and it’s fine. Maybe they are just jealous of my grades, (excellent grades without sounding cocky).

But here is my biggest issue, I may have a crush on my brother’s friend (and no, his name is not Romeo). I’ll keep his name secret, in case malevolent readers will reveal my secret. But in the order of things (i.e on a school social level), we are not really matching. He is a very attractive guy who plays in a music band (which sounds very cliché when I’m writing it) and well… I’m me.

Now, you are probably asking yourself “Why is she telling me all of this?”. It’s simple, it’s because it’s the story of my movie: Jeune Juliette. And if you want to see the next part of my life, come see me at the International Film Festival of La Roche-sur-Yon tomorrow morning at the Cyel Friday, 18th at 6:15 pm or Saturday, 19th at 9:15 am at the theater.

Élise Gilbert

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