[In Eng.] Clichés in love movies

You have had enough with love and its clichés ? You will hate me after reading the following love stories. It’s obviously not in the order of what happens first. Because after reading this article you will be equipped to detect all the clichés in this festival of love stories. Gear up !

Love at first sight.
Take a good look at the cliché in the movie Titanic with the main characters Jack and Rose. Rose wants to jump overboard but Jack shows up to save the day.

The kiss in the rain.
Do you remember the romantic kiss in the rain in the movie Spiderman (2002) ? When Spiderman saves Mary Jane, she takes the mask off Spider Man’s mouth just so she can kiss him. This kiss is one of the most iconic in the world of cinema.

Another film with the kiss in the rain is Enchanted. When Giselle kisses Robert on the roof in the rain. It’s like a fairy tale.

Enemies Turned Lovers.
Two movies illustrate this cliché. The first one is in the film series Harry Potter with the couple Hermione and Ron. They hated each other the second they met but they end up together with a family.

The second one is La La Land with Mia and Sebastian. When they first meet, Sebastian plays the piano and just gets fired. Mia wants to tell him he plays well but he barely sees her. They finally fall in love, get together but eventually break up because of their differences.

Happy ending.
How can we not mention Disney films as Cinderella or Snow White ? Or practically all the love stories in general. Happy ending is an absolute cliché.

Romantic songs while kissing.
Te amo in Asterix and Obelix meet Cleopatra when Caesar and Cleopatra kiss.
My heart will go on in Titanic when Rose and Jack kiss.
Love me like you do in 50 shades of Grey when Anastasia and Christian kiss.

Sarah Hu