6:15 pm, I’m seated (comfortably) in the seat of the Grand R auditorium, ready and excited to see the movie Play. The story of a young man who decides to use all the tapes he filmed for twenty years of his life to create a movie. An original concept which immediately attracted me.
The lights turn off, and the movie starts. The tapes go by, and I already know I love the film. Between the laughing and the crying, we think of our own life, of our friends, our lovers, our teenage years. We feel nostalgic, but also an urge to live, to enjoy and embrace every moment of our life, to have no regrets.
So, when we go out of the theater, we forget everything and we walk under the rain to our next movie listening to Ironic of Alanis Morissette, a smile on our face and the head full of dreams. And we say to ourselves that we will never forget this moment, and that we just saw a striking and memorable movie. Certainly an unforgettable night…

And you, what do your nights look like at the FIF?

Élise Gilbert

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