[In Eng.] Abominable – 8 Good Reasons to Watch the Film

Abominable is a 2019 computer-animated adventure film produced by Dreamworks Animation and Peral studio. It was written and directed by Jill Culton and co-directed by Todd Wilderman.

1. The plot
Yi, a Chinese girl, comes across a young magical yeti, whom she calls Everest, and helps him find his family. During their quest, they will overcome their greatest fears while travelling across different landscapes, accompanied by their friends, Jin and Peng.

2. The music
Rupert Gregson-Williams (Aquaman) composed the music for this animated film in addition to four songs from Bebe Rexha, Coldplay, Phil Beaudreau and Danger Twins. Also, Yi, the main girl character, occasionally strikes up a note or two on her violin. Music is a crucial element for escapism here.

3. The return to childhood
The animated adventure movie was produced by DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio. DreamWorks  Animation made a lot of animated movies such as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda. Abominable is suited for children aged 6 years and over, which brings us back to childhood even more when you are in your early twenties and still a little bit of a child.

4. Travelling.
This animated adventure movie wants to make us travel. From China to the Himalaya on Mount Everest, you will travel through the varied landscapes of Asia.
The cartoon features some pretty dreamlike paintings (filled with fireflies, giant flowers or clouds in the shape of whales…)

5. The yeti
The yeti is called Everest by Yi because we don’t even know his name. However, we know he lives in the Everest.
Thanks to his blue eyes, his cuteness and his magical powers, you will want to hold him in your arms, to cuddle him. A real furbag!

6. The characters
Yi, Jin and Peng are the main character in this movie. They are sincere and we’re immediately immersed into their life. We are quickly attached to the characters. Even when the bad who wants the yeti dead or alive. There’s a lot of twists and turns but overall, we develop a strong attachment to them.

7. Funny moments
There’s a lot of jokes and we often laugh. However, there are also moving scenes as you know from the get-go that she lost her father.

8. The message
There is an important message in this animated movie. Never give up, always believe in your dreams, live life to the fullest!

So if these reasons inspire you, you have a second and last chance to go see it during the festival tonight at 9pm in “Le Cyel”.

Sarah Hu